biomedical innovation

Recognizing the complexity, risk, and rigor associated with developing products for healthcare we focus exclusively on the development of medical devices.

Developing regulated medical devices is our core competency.

Our domain knowledge and technical expertise are key differentiators providing significant benefit to our customers. We are proficient in bringing surgical instruments from the first concept to market launch.


why we do, what we do.

At Biorep, we make products that enhance – and save – lives. We manufacture complex medical devices and components for low- and high-volume needs. That’s all we do. And we do it with the utmost precision, consistency and rigor, because for you – and your customers – quality is essential. Reliability is a must. And delivering on what’s promised is vital.




Biorep delivers value to our customers through decreasing development risk and expediting the time to market. The results speak for themselves.


Biorep offers more than services, we offer solutions.  Biorep offers a full suite of medical device product development services.  We can help you take your idea from a napkin sketch all the way to final commercial product including FDA regulatory clearance. 



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