The Challenge:

Need for a next generation retraction instrument that would retract the atrial wall in a circumferential manner in a limited access setting. Device needed to have different sizes to accommodate varying atrium dimensions, needed to be assembled/disassembled easily and securely in fields where access and space is extremely limited, and device needed to facilitate delivery of CO2 into the working space

The Solution:

Designed a device with multiple component sizes to address varying atrium dimensions, designed a flexible component (VISOR) which could be rolled into a smaller dimension and “slide” into a corresponding locking-support structure (S-BLADE) easily/efficiently/securely, flexible component has the ability to “unfurl” under its own biasing to provide circumferential atrial wall retraction, the stabilization component (S-POST) which attaches to the support structure utilizes a “ball and socket” type engagement mechanism for ease of assembly/disassembly and it has a CO2 port and an open inner lumen in which CO2 can be delivered to target site.

The Results:

Has been utilized commercially in over 10,000 clinical procedures to date.

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