The Challenge:

Need for a next generation “rib spreader” retractor that would retract the intercostal space and would facilitate retraction of the ribs and the corresponding rib deflection movement in a bilaterally equal manner Device needed to have accompanying retractor blades that could also contour to extreme anatomical curvatures to eliminate localized pressure points on individual ribs. Need for an accessory attachment that would accommodate simple, secure and efficient suture organization to eliminate clutter from the field, and that would provide additional retraction to target site structures.

The Solution:

Designed a retractor rack with arms that would move outwardly/inwardly in a bilaterally equal manner when the turn key knob is rotated. Designed set of accompanying retractor blades with separated tissue engagement surfaces that could swivel independently from each other in order to contour with extreme curvatures and equally distribute pressure across entire engagement surface of individual ribs. Designed a low-profile/disposable accessory component that can attach directly onto the top of the retractor arms, is circumferential to accommodate simple and efficient organization, utilizes flexible wedge plugs for secure and efficient suture capture/release, and can provide additional retraction to target site structures by anchoring retraction sutures at any point around the circumference.

The Results:

Have been utilized commercially in over 10,000 clinical procedures to date.

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